Latest Project: CCB - Convention Center in Baku, Azerbaijan


A heaven of Canopies - multidimensional luminous objects

The brand-new convention center (CCB) in Baku, opened in May 2015, is a highlight of architecture.
According to the visions of the achitects we developed multidimensional figured "Canopies" in different shapes and sizes (length up to 8m) for the auditorium and networking area of the building.

The multifunctional convention center was designed by the Vienna architectural office
Well-structured and flexible useable facilities characterize the building. The auditorium with space for 3500 visitors is the heart of the building, flanked by 15 conference rooms and offices.

According to a flexible spatial use the textile covered luminous objects are height-adjustable and equipped with individual controllable
RGB-LEDs (pixel pitch 62,5mm). Thereby it is possible to expose static or animated graphics on the luminous area, for example the national colors of Azerbaijan at the official opening.


„After a period of development the finishing in Baku was another major effort. If there are more than 3500 people from different divisions working on the same place under time pressure, professional improvisation is necessary.“

„It was a formidable challenge to realize this project in the extremely short production time of only 8 weeks. I'm especially proud, that the quality of the products didin't suffer due to these circumstances. Without a professional and strong team this project would not have been possible“.